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Department of Neurosurgery - Lim lab

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Our philosophy

Taking research from the bench to the bedside to impact patients within the field of neurosurgery.


About our lab

How to get started


Shifting the paradigm

Our investigations include examining the lymphocyte and myeloid cell compartments to reverse immunosuppression for glioblastoma and other CNS tumors, targeting lymph nodes for localized delivery of immunotherapy, and utilizing basic principles of immunology to address other neurosurgical pathologies including vasospasm from subarachnoid hemorrhage and traumatic brain injury.

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Meet our lab members

The Lim lab strongly encourages mentorship on all levels; we greatly appreciate the creativity and dedication of our many students, residents, fellows, and attendings in making this work possible.

Current lab members

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Contact us

Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery 

1201 Welch Rd., MSLS P350
Michael Lim, MD
Chair of Neurosurgery
Stanford, CA 94305

Point of Contact
John Choi, MD, Resident Physician (email:

Si Yeon Lee, Lab Manager (email:


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