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Our Team

Our laboratory consists of a diversity of minds who are all dedicated to the same mission: finding new treatments for glioblastoma and neurosurgical diseases for our patients. 

 Michael Lim, MD - Chair of Neurosurgery & Principle Investigator
Si Yeon Lee, B.S - Lab Manager & Research Associate
Rohit Verma, PhD - Basic Life Research Scientist
Caren Wu, PhD - Postdoctoral Scholar


 Ryan Nitta, PhD - Senior Research Associate
John Choi, MD - Neurosurgery Resident 
 Lily Kim, MD - Neurosurgery Resident
Janet Wu, B.S - MD Candidate
Alex Ren, M.S. - MD Candidate
Brandon Bergsneider, M.S. - MD Candidate
Ethan Schonfeld, M.S. - MD Candidate
Matthew Abikenari, M.S. - MD Candidate
Vaithish Velazhahan, PhD - MD Candidate
Andrew Tran, B.S. - Post Baccalaureate Research Intern

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