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  • A Dose-Response Model of Local Tumor Control Probability After Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases Resection Cavities. Advances in radiation oncologyGui, C., Grimm, J., Kleinberg, L. R., Zaki, P., Spoleti, N., Mukherjee, D., Bettegowda, C., Lim, M., Redmond, K. J.2020; 5 (5): 840–49

  • Effect of Nivolumab vs Bevacizumab in Patients With Recurrent Glioblastoma The CheckMate 143 Phase 3 Randomized Clinical Trial JAMA ONCOLOGYReardon, D. A., Brandes, A. A., Omuro, A., Mulholland, P., Lim, M., Wick, A., Baehring, J., Ahluwalia, M. S., Roth, P., Baehr, O., Phuphanich, S., Sepulveda, J., De Souza, P., Sahebjam, S., Carleton, M., Tatsuoka, K., Taitt, C., Zwirtes, R., Sampson, J., Weller, M.2020; 6 (7): 1003–10

  • Retrosigmoid approach for glycerin rhizotomy in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia without overt arterial compression: updated case series JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY Kim, T. Y., Jackson, C. M., Xia, Y., Mashouf, L. A., Patel, K. K., Kim, E. S., Hung, A. L., Wu, A., Garzon-Muvdi, T., Bender, M. T., Bettegowda, C., Lee, J. K., Lim, M.2020; 132 (4): 1227–33

  • A Phase 2 Study of Post-Operative Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for Solid Tumor Spine Metastases INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY BIOLOGY PHYSICSRedmond, K. J., Sciubba, D., Khan, M., Gui, C., Lo, S., Gokaslan, Z. L., Leaf, B., Kleinberg, L., Grimm, J., Ye, X., Lim, M.2020; 106 (2): 261–68

  • Carboxylated branched poly(beta-amino ester) nanoparticles enable robust cytosolic protein delivery and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing SCIENCE ADVANCESRui, Y., Wilson, D. R., Choi, J., Varanasi, M., Sanders, K., Karlsson, J., Lim, M., Green, J. J.2019; 5 (12): eaay3255

  • Mechanisms of immunotherapy resistance: lessons from glioblastoma NATURE IMMUNOLOGYJackson, C. M., Choi, J., Lim, M.2019; 20 (9): 1100–1109

  • Immediate and Long-Term Outcomes of Microvascular Decompression for Mixed Trigeminal Neuralgia WORLD NEUROSURGERYWu, A., Doshi, T., Hung, A., Garzon-Muvdi, T., Bender, M. T., Bettegowda, C., Lim, M.2018; 117: E300–E307

  • Current state of immunotherapy for glioblastoma NATURE REVIEWS CLINICAL ONCOLOGYLim, M., Xia, Y., Bettegowda, C., Weller, M.2018; 15 (7): 422–42

  • Combination Therapy with Anti-PD-1, Anti-TIM-3, and Focal Radiation Results in Regression of Murine Gliomas CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCHKim, J. E., Patel, M. A., Mangraviti, A., Kim, E. S., Theodros, D., Velarde, E., Liu, A., Sankey, E. W., Tam, A., Xu, H., Mathios, D., Jackson, C. M., Harris-Bookman, S., Garzon-Muvdi, T., Sheu, M., Martin, A. M., Tyler, B. M., Tran, P. T., Ye, X., Olivi, A., Taube, J. M., Burger, P. C., Drake, C. G., Brem, H., Pardoll, D. M., Lim, M. 2017; 23 (1): 124–36

  • Anti-PD-1 antitumor immunity is enhanced by local and abrogated by systemic chemotherapy in GBM SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINEMathios, D., Kim, J. E., Mangraviti, A., Phallen, J., Park, C., Jackson, C. M., Garzon-Muvdi, T., Kim, E., Theodros, D., Polanczyk, M., Martin, A. M., Suk, I., Ye, X., Tyler, B., Bettegowda, C., Brem, H., Pardoll, D. M., Lim, M.2016; 8 (370): 370ra180

  • Adult neuro-oncology trials in the United States over 5 decades: Analysis of trials completion rate to guide the path forward. Neuro-oncology advancesSmith, E. J., Naik, A., Goel, M., Wen, P. Y., Lim, M., Chang, S. M., Germano, I. M.2024; 6 (1): vdad169

  • Soluble PD-L1 reprograms blood monocytes to prevent cerebral edema and facilitate recovery after ischemic stroke. Brain, behavior, and immunityKim, J. E., Lee, R. P., Yazigi, E., Atta, L., Feghali, J., Pant, A., Jain, A., Levitan, I., Kim, E., Patel, K., Kannapadi, N., Shah, P., Bibic, A., Hou, Z., Caplan, J. M., Gonzalez, L. F., Huang, J., Xu, R., Fan, J., Tyler, B., Brem, H., Boussiotis, V. A., Jantzie, L., Robinson, S., Koehler, R. C., Lim, M., Tamargo, R. J., Jackson, C. M.

  • MITOCHONDRIAL ATP BIOGENESIS REGULATED BY VDAC1 IN TMEM119+TUMOR-ASSOCIATED MICROGLIA AND MACROPHAGES MEDIATES HIGH-GRADE GLIOMA GROWTHWu, C., Chen, Y., Lin, Y., Wei, K., Chang, K., Feng, L., Wu, A., Chen, K., Ren, A., Nitta, R., Wu, J., Pant, A., Cho, K., Mackall, C., Chuang, J., Huang, C., Li, G., Jackson, C., Chen, P., Lim, M.